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In the mountains: Museum oil, with guided tours for individuals or groups to the mill of medieval origin, in the village of Robledillo de Gata.

ethnographic museum, you will see the daily life of a farming family of 40-50 years in Cilleros.

Caceres: Vostell Museum, internationally renowned artist Wolf Vostell in Malpartida de Plasencia.

The Barruecos, declared a natural monument place for its beauty, with remains dating from the Neolithic to the s. XIX, including the Roman period. It is located in Malpartida de Plasencia.

Convento del Palancar, guided by a donation in Pedroso de Acim visits.

Vanes Palace Museum, the water tank of the XI-XII centuries. It contains a collection ranging from prehistoric times to the Visigoth era, another of Ethnography, besides the Hispanic-Arabic cistern and the collection of Fine Arts with works from the Prado Museum in Caceres.


Villages of cultural interest.

Within Sierra de Gata there are many towns villages declared of cultural interest Eljas, Gata, Hoyos, Robledillo de Gata, San Martin de Trevejo and Santibañez el Alto.

There is even a language recognized as a Cultural called “A Fala” shared between the peoples of Eljas, San Martin de Trevejo and Valverde.

Vegaviana, a town of colonization, also received many awards for its architect Jose Luis Fernandez.


Portuguese bay.

It took about half an hour to reach the Portuguese border, where we can visit traditional villages and enjoy wonderful meals.

To highlight the village of Monsanto, defined by the Portuguese themselves as the most Portuguese village of Portugal.


Caceres, Plasencia, Salamanca.

Caceres is just one hour by highway, the old town is declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Plasencia, just half an hour by highway.

Salamanca only an hour and a half.


Sports and leisure.

Bike rides.

From the door of the house leave trails and roads where you can enjoy hiking in the countryside. You can also navigate the river from the town to take a bath with the bike.

We have a book in the house that has a biking tour through Extremadura, really interesting.

organized in different associations routes through the mountains are made.



In Sierra de Gata we have countless trails that link all our peoples, through GR, PR and SL.

They will surprise you with the beauty of its landscapes, its wild nature, and the good state that is, many with cobbled walkways. You can see many of these trails on the page of La Grulla, Sierra de Gata. If you see any path that interests you, we can do guided tours, you will find authentic havens.

Once a month collective routes are through a partnership hiking Moraleja, called Ademoxa.

Climb to the top of Jálama something that no traveler should miss.



In Sierra de Gata are there different equipped climbing routes, from which even a small guide edited by Carlos Caballero. Also available in our apartment.

nautical activities.

Borbollón in the Swamp, is the sailing club “Windward” which takes summer courses and activities throughout the year.

In the middle of swamp there is an island called “Parra Chica” with a lot of vegetation, where many birds live, and when the time of the migration of the cranes, it is impressive to see them go. guided tours for sightings of cranes excursions are made, even people coming from different parts of the world. The apartment La Grulla Dorada and our photography project La Grulla Sierra de Gata, have their name thanks to one of the first outputs we did, it was a wake dawn to see the cranes and really is impressive.


Rios in swimming.

Virtually all the peoples of the mountains, rivers have natural pools where you can enjoy crystal clear waters in summer to take a dip, and winter along the shore and enjoy their sounds. You’ll be impressed.



Parraluz, is a golf course in the countryside, with 9 holes and Par70 between cork and oak, where you can enjoy the game with a beautiful view to the Swamp of Borbollón.


Winter sports.

Only an hour by highway, you’ll enjoy skis in the ski resort of Bejar, La Covatilla.




The haute cuisine can enjoy in the Atrium. Toño restaurant, one of the best chefs in the world. Caceres. We can get a reservation, always with much time to prepare and move there so you can enjoy your wine cellar without thinking about driving.

Another completely different option is to dine at La Croassantería the Gourmet, which is in Moraleja just five minutes, which is owned and where you can eat the best sandwiches, burgers, salads and pizza in the area, something we already 16 years working in the same place.


Restaurants with traditional food.

In Sierra de Gata there are many restaurants where you can enjoy the best products in the area for a very affordable price.


Portuguese restaurants.

Eating cooked typical Portuguese in just half an hour, is a luxury which is easy to enjoy, by the proximity and price. Eating rice with seafood, bream or cod in the oven, a delicious octopus in pure olive oil and a delicious dessert serradora.


People to buy.

In Perales several food stores that are very well where to buy, just 100m and a traditional bakery that makes bread firewood. The Wednesday market is held.

Just five minutes we have the town of Moraleja, where you will find the best food shops, clothes, and everything you need in the area.

You can also purchase different oils with designation of origin, some with international awards, wines and spirits pitarra, cheeses and even organic spirulina cultivated in our lands.


Bars people.

Perales you can enjoy the charm of the typical bars of town, with its always friendly neighbors and delicious pintxos and wines of the saw.

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